The Pinhole Podcast Episode 3 – Obscura Book in Berlin

Obscura Berlin_Alex shot

We’ve got a special episode of the Pinhole Podcast for you! Episode 3 takes us all the way to Berlin for the Obscura Book show. Herschel, Alex, and Jeff all have photography featured in the book, and we are quite proud of our guys. From their website, “‘OBSCURA - 121 Views’ is a community project. The book reflects the diverse spectrum of modern pinhole … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 28 – An Impossible Visitor

Alex Holbrook

None of us know quite how we've been allowed to do this, but this week we have a very special guest on the Pdexposures podcast: Alex Holbrook, Marketing Communications Manager for the Impossible Project. Join us for a meandering discussion of what exactly Impossible are doing with their film line, what we can expect from the fabled Impossible-produced cameras and how many … [Read more...]

Plastic Imagery Episode 5 – Holga Talk with HolgaJen


This week we bring you a special episode, in which we sit down with HolgaJen to discuss her favorite toy camera. Can you hazard a guess as to what that might be? HolgaJen has been shooting with Holga's for a number of years and has one really big super fan on this podcast team in Simon; who proceeds to ask her a million questions about her workflow, projects, and how the … [Read more...]

Indisposable Concept Goes to Crowdfunding for First Book


Australian based Indisposable Concept, a community based photographic project centered around the idea of spending one week shooting with a disposable camera, and sharing your results of what can be captured with a simple tool and medium. Pdexposures Podcast host Nate Matos submitted a roll from his trip down the West coast in August of 2013 and wrote about his thoughts here. … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 27 – A Photographic Library, PT 1


This week at Pdexposures, we're each bringing you three books that we highly recommend for very different reasons. It's an interesting (but not particularly surprising) insight into the tastes of each host, and by the end of the show, you should have the start of a pretty solid library of photography-related books. Notice how the title says pt. 1? Well, at some point we're … [Read more...]