The Instant Photo Show – Episode 4: Packfilm and Drop Bears!


In Episode 4 we catch up with Kat and learn more about Australia and its interesting flora and fauna, discuss IMPOSSIBLE Pioneers, New55’s short run, and the big discussion of Type 100 Packfilm!  Also, it's not too late to put in your entry for our very first giveaway, listen and find out more!  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Kat White and Harrison as they … [Read more...]

How To Photograph Auto Racing


For those that watched episode 8 of Pdxposures.TV and were thinking to yourself, "man how can I get my hands on that sweet book they kept referencing?" today is your lucky day! Here in all its original glory is the Vivitar publication (that you will soon realize is just a long ad for Vivitar lenses) on how to shoot auto racing. Written by Gordon Chittenden. Click here to … [Read more...]