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In the past we have talked about getting your work out there, we’ve talked about zines, and we’ve talked about books. But we’ve never discussed what actually goes into producing a zine. Dan Domme guest hosts in the 54th episode of Pdexposures bringing his expertise of zine production to the table. Dan has produced three different (and equally bizarrely named) zines; the most recent which you can still purchase at DommePhoto.com, though quantities are very limited. We discuss production, the ethics of what you should charge, what a zine is exactly, different printers, methods of printing, and even selling/distribution of your zine online.

We are also itching to do another episode where we talk about your zines. Do you have one that you’ve produced recently? If so get in touch in the comments below!

In Episode 4 we catch up with Kat and learn more about Australia and its interesting flora and fauna, discuss IMPOSSIBLE Pioneers, New55’s short run, and the big discussion of Type 100 Packfilm!  Also, it’s not too late to put in your entry for our very first giveaway, listen and find out more!  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Kat White and Harrison as they discuss the latest in instant photography!


Episode 3 of The Instant Photo Show, the show about instant photography and the people who love it! In this episode we discuss ‘Roidweek 2015, IMPOSSIBLE Round Frame film, a Twitterchat with Patrick and IMPOSSIBLE, and stay tuned for our very first giveaway!  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt and Harrison as they discuss the latest in instant photography!


It has been a while since we have sat down and discussed our personal lives on Pdexposures, in fact I do not think we have every discussed something so personal. This weeks episode deals with something that everyone should be familiar with; Life. Often times you can struggle to find the time to shoot, develop and print.

This week, we decided to discuss things that are happening personally that are separating us a bit from the world of film photography. Tony with his skateboarding, Nate with his Nateness and Simon with comicons. How do you find the time to shoot when you can barely find the time to relax?

We’re BACK with Episode Two!  This time we discuss ‘Roidweek 2015, the New55 Coating Test and 4X5 Instant Film, IMPOSSIBLE Gen2 Color 600 feedback, and other news in the instant world.  Our main topic is why we still love instant film, and why we think it’s still a viable product in today’s market.  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke and Jessica Reinhardt as they both wonder what happened to Kat and Harrison.

We’re taking a quick vacation this week to kickoff and introduce the newest Podcast on the Pdexposures Network – The Instant Photo Show. Every other week they’ll be discussing instant film, cameras, tips, and the future of instant photography.

Be sure to check out their feed and subscribe to the Instant Photo Show on iTunes, we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled Pdexposures in just two weeks!

Welcome to the very first episode of The Instant Photo show on the Pdexposures Film Photography network! In our introductory episode you’ll meet our hosts, Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Harrison, and Kat White as we go over our personal interests in Instant Photography and cameras as well as a brief introduction to the genre. Be sure to join us right here every other Tuesday for more Instant photo discussion and be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes!

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The news hit the internet this week that MiNT, a company from Hong Kong that previously produced a flash bar and accessory filters for the SX70, have announced a brand new instant camera: the TL70, a TLR that takes Instax Mini film. Normally, I’d just leave this sort of news to sloppy press-release rehashing blogs who contribute no insight and just want traffic, but I’m actually quite excited about this one.


See, while we’ve seen an attempt at an Instant TLR before (take a bow now, Kevin Kadooka), this is, to my knowledge, the first one that will be manufactured and sold ready to go straight out of the box, and from what I can tell, MiNT have really knocked it out of the park:

  • Proper TLR focusing (no Holga “TLR”-style toy camera bullshit here)
  • Aperture priority autoexposure (with f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/32 aperture stops – impressive, for an instant camera)
  • LEDs in viewfinder to warn photographer of under-or-overexposure
  • Shutter speeds between 1/500 and 1sec (mirroring the classic leaf shuttered TLRs of old)
  • Bulb / long exposure setting, running up to 10 seconds (TLRs are perfect for tripod work, so this is very welcomed)
  • onboard flash (that can be disabled! Fuji, take note.)
  • a 48cm close focus stop (for those selfie-obsessed Japanese schoolgirls, no doubt)
  • 2 year warranty (so hopefully no Belair-style disappointments)
LEDs! Proper ground glass! This isn't a toy, this is a real camera - and that makes me very happy.

LEDs! Proper ground glass! This isn’t a toy, this is a real camera – and that makes me very happy.

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone in the Far East to design and manufacture this; Instax Mini film and TLRs are both much-loved in China and Japan, and the combination of the two seems like an obvious thing to do. I predict that this will fly off the shelves in the East, while the American market will scratch its collective head in confusion and Europe will continue to underestimate the brilliance that is Instax film.

See? Brilliant.

See? Brilliant.

The suggested retail price currently stands at US $ 319 (or £212), which is – by all accounts – bloody high, but when you consider that the (still ridiculously named) Instax 90 Neo Classic was originally $210, this is probably worth the extra cash. Of course, we won’t know for certain until we get to use one in person, but at least on paper, there’s finally a camera that has me interested in the tiny Instax Mini format.

Now if only we could get one for Instax Wide…

Hiding the flash under the nameplate is a smart move aesthetically and a brilliant move as far as UX goes.

Hiding the flash under the nameplate is a smart move aesthetically and a brilliant move as far as UX goes. (Hopefully the cameras that are sold will have cleaner lenses than this, though.)

Go check out the camera for yourself (and even order one) at https://mint-camera.com/tl70 now, before I buy them all and roll around in bankrupt happiness.

So hot of the heels of the wildly successful and rambling live spectacular that was Episode 50 comes this hour of tightly-honed rage and derision.

Who knew that when Nate decided to use the podcast as an excuse to talk about how much he loves his pretty new Contax G2, he’d end up being mocked relentlessly by a man fuelled by a semi-irrational hatred of all things automatic?

Yes, the correct answer is “everyone who’s ever listened to the podcast before” or “anyone who’s ever spoke to Tony about any camera made after 1980″.

(By the way, all hate mail relating to this episode can go to tony@pdexposures.com. The most creative might well get read out on air in Episode 52, Dawkins-style.)

This may be a first for the team at Plastic Imagery, but this week each of the hosts brought with them a selection of books that they had found online or in thrift stores.

Simon started the discussion with a tiny book he has found recently online. Who doesn’t love a tiny book? This one was hand crafted by the creator of it and is worth checking out. Additionally, Simon has picked up a copy of Instant Love A book that is well worthwhile for anyone interested in beginning Instant Photography. Lastly, Simon pulled out a Textbook someone had sent him for Christmas, which unfortunately does not contain explosions.

Next up was Rob who brought two different books to the discussion. The first one is very dangerous for anyone suffering from GAS as this could spawn an eBay buying spree that will never end. Additionally, Rob introduced us to a seller on blurb with a fantastic book filled with Holga shots, and you know how we love the Holga on plastic Imagery.

Amanda was not to be outdone at all. For one of her books, she pulled out a personal favorite of Simons. If Simons book could be called the Photographers Bible (a term he coined himself) then Amanda’s would be the toy shooters bible. Her second offering was a bit more interesting. Amanda has found and obtained the Instant Film Manual written by Ansel Adams. A seemingly rare find which can go for a pretty high price if the used sellers are to be believed.

Sit back. Relax and enjoy the shenanigans on another episode of Plastic Imagery. What books should we buy for next time?