Pdexposures Podcast Episode 54 – Little Publications


In the past we have talked about getting your work out there, we've talked about zines, and we've talked about books. But we've never discussed what actually goes into producing a zine. Dan Domme guest hosts in the 54th episode of Pdexposures bringing his expertise of zine production to the table. Dan has produced three different (and equally bizarrely named) zines; the most … [Read more...]

The Instant Photo Show – Episode 4: Packfilm and Drop Bears!


In Episode 4 we catch up with Kat and learn more about Australia and its interesting flora and fauna, discuss IMPOSSIBLE Pioneers, New55’s short run, and the big discussion of Type 100 Packfilm!  Also, it's not too late to put in your entry for our very first giveaway, listen and find out more!  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Kat White and Harrison as they … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Episode 53 – Life getting in the way


It has been a while since we have sat down and discussed our personal lives on Pdexposures, in fact I do not think we have every discussed something so personal. This weeks episode deals with something that everyone should be familiar with; Life. Often times you can struggle to find the time to shoot, develop and print. This week, we decided to discuss things that are … [Read more...]

The Instant Photo Show Episode 2 – Roidweek & The Future of Instant Film

The Instant Photo Show - Episode 2

We’re BACK with Episode Two!  This time we discuss ‘Roidweek 2015, the New55 Coating Test and 4X5 Instant Film, IMPOSSIBLE Gen2 Color 600 feedback, and other news in the instant world.  Our main topic is why we still love instant film, and why we think it’s still a viable product in today’s market.  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke and Jessica Reinhardt as they both wonder what … [Read more...]