Episode 11: A Visit to the Schlaboratory

todd photo for show page

WE’RE BACK! The Pinhole Podcast gang took a break from their extended holiday to talk to a most excellent friend of the show, Todd Schlemmer. Todd is, amongst many other things, a printer of 3D pinhole cameras, and he talks to us about his process, sharing a lot of helpful hints and interesting tidbits along the way. Please check him out at Thingiverse - you can find his … [Read more...]

Pinhole Podcast – Episode 10: Kelly Angood


We did it, the Pinhole Podcast has made it to double digits! To celebrate the pinhole crew does the thing they do best, talk lensless photography. For episode 10, we had the honor of interviewing Kelly Angood</> from the Pop-Up Pinhole Company. Kelly made waves within photography circles and the social media circuit with her beautifully designed cardboard Pinhole … [Read more...]

Pinhole Podcast – Episode 9: Winter

shelly's sunset

Season’s greetings from the Pinhole Podcast team! For Episode 9, we got together to talk about shooting pinhole in the winter. The darker days and chilly temperatures are definitely challenging, as Shelly learned the hard way on a recent trip, but we offer useful tips and suggestions to encourage you (and her) to keep shooting. In the second half of our episode we discuss … [Read more...]

Pinhole Podcast – Episode 8: Gifts


With the holidays approaching, Herschel, Alex and Jana got together to discuss useful gifts for the pinhole photographer and offer a few personal revelations for the season. It all begins with a discussion of gifts we’d like to receive this year. Jana hopes for the perfect, travel-friendly tripod, Herschel makes a wish for a Zero Image 4x5 camera and Alex welcomes any … [Read more...]

The Pinhole Podcast – Episode 7: Books


Episode 7 of the Pinhole Podcast is all about books. Pinhole books to be exact. Join us as we spend some time discussing five of our favorites. Along the way we share our tips on how to find price deals, what makes a good photography book, and various other lensless photography goodness. If you have a particular pinhole book you love, we’d love it if you shared it with … [Read more...]