Pinhole Podcast – Episode 6: Chris Keeney

ep 6

We are SO excited about the special guest we have for this super-sized episode of the Pinhole Podcast - San Diego photographer and pinholer extraordinaire, Chris Keeney! Chris is the author of Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide and makes some of the most creative pinhole cameras you will ever see. We chat with Chris about his passion for pinhole and photography, as well as the … [Read more...]

Pinhole Intermission: A Chat with Amanda


This episode brings together all of the women of (Jana, Shelly, and Amanda) in one grand intermission, where we discuss...well, we discussed a LOT of things. This episode definitely has a more lo-fi flow - the audio might not be up to our normal standard, but we didn’t want to prevent your enjoying our chat with Amanda! We start off talking about the pinhole … [Read more...]

The Pinhole Podcast – Episode 5: Pinhole Heroes


It’s Episode 5 of the Pinhole Podcast! We took a break from talking about ourselves (and notebooks and cable releases and stuff) and had a chat about some of our pinhole heroes. What is a pinhole hero, you ask? We had lots of opinions (surprise), but pretty much agreed that a hero is someone who inspires us. They really know how to use their cameras and are always learning … [Read more...]

The Pinhole Podcast – Episode 4: Answering Your Questions


Episode 4 of the Pinhole Podcast is all about your questions! Join us as Alex, Jana, Shelly and Jeff delve into answering numerous user-submitted questions gleaned from our various social media outlets across the web. Along the way we discuss exposure times, light meters (incident and reflective), angle of view, pinhole aperture, and filters. But don’t worry, it’s not all … [Read more...]

The Pinhole Podcast Intermission: WPPD in Amsterdam

Zero Image 6x9 MF loaded with #

The Pinhole Podcast is back with yet another intermission episode. I know what you’re thinking, two months in a row of intermissions? I know right?! Thing is, we keep pushing back our regularly scheduled shows for good reasons. This time, our favorite Brit, Alex Yates, is back to jet setting across Europe for pinhole-related events. First it was Berlin and now Amsterdam, … [Read more...]