Red Light District 05: Dave Kirby


We have made it to the fifth edition of the Red Light District. In much the same vein as our first featured Darkroom, Dave has turned an outdoor shed into a darkroom. He even sees some of the same issues Nate does - though whether he uses a bucket to move water around was unfortunately not addressed. What started off as a 8 x 6 shed was transformed into a fully functional … [Read more...]

Red Light District 04: Tibo from France


We've made it to number four of the Red Light District with our first international darkroom (because Tony and the UK don't count). Tibo is from France and has quite the stunning setup and has been kind enough to share a little more about it with some fantastic photos to boot! That’s the spot ! It’s a bit messy but it’s big so it does not matter that much. You can see on the … [Read more...]

Red Light District 03: Dan Domme


After his recent guest appearance on the Pdexposures Podcast we thought it would only be fitting to have Dan show off his personal darkroom setup. We hope you can learn from his wealth of knowledge. And be sure to listen to Episode 25 of the Pdexposures Podcast to hear Dan for yourself! I thought I would give everyone a quick whirl around my darkroom space. I’m very … [Read more...]

Red Light District 02: Tony Gale

Yum, fixer

As promised, the second of our Red Light District series features the personal darkroom of the Pdexposures podcast's own Tony Gale. It couldn't be further from the first darkroom we featured - that of his co-host, Nate Matos; unlike Nate's, this is a temporary arrangement which uses a tiny domestic space in the most efficient way possible. We'll let Tony take it from … [Read more...]

Red Light District 01: Nate Matos


In our first entry to the Red Light District we take a look at the personal darkroom of Pdexposures founder Nate Matos. Coming from tiny spaces that weren't fit to print inkjet, Nate was pleased to put his new darkroom together; "I had always wanted a real darkroom, something serious and built into the house. It started about 5 years ago when a friend and I stumbled into an … [Read more...]