The Audience Speaks: Beginner’s Cameras

Kiev 4AM - Roll 1

Just over a week ago, we released Episode 35 of the Pdexposures Podcast, with stories of our first cameras and our suggestions and recommendations for new film shooters. We also asked for listeners to send in their experiences and recommendations; what follows is some of our favourite responses. Jim Clinefelter: Personal opinion (from someone who’s been a photographer for … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 16 – Show Notes


In Episode 16 of the podcast we talked about the wonderful print medium known as the zine, and while nailing down exactly what defines "a zine" is a point of contention amongst the team, sharing some links to the eight zines we talked about in the episode is certainly simple enough. Click past the break for information on each of the featured zines - including (if available) … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 11 – Show Notes

Episode 11 Show Notes

One of the nice things about doing an episode about instant film is that it is somewhat of a closed ecosystem, meaning there's comparatively very little to actually discuss - which makes writing these show notes a lot easier than the gargantuan task of compiling episode 10's list of Leica toys and filter info. Don't worry though - we're not short-changing you. There's still … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 10 – Show Notes

Episode 10 Show Notes

It seems somewhat fitting that the landmark that is episode 10 - while ostensibly an episode about useful accessories - becomes the most Leica-heavy episode we've done to date. Just wait until episode 50; Tony and Nate are currently planning an in-depth breakdown of every slight variation of body design within both the screwmount and M-mount lines. It will be … [Read more...]

A Podcast Supplement: Bulk Loading


Thanks to a post on the Flickr group, I realise I should have really mentioned actual statistics and figures regarding bulk loading in the podcast. I just made a statement and assumed everyone either already knew I was correct or that people would just believe me. It's bad academic/journalistic form, and this is my attempt to atone for my sins. … [Read more...]