Pdexposures Podcast Episode 9 – Show Notes


Times are hard, folks. While it's always tempting to strap on the bulk film back and a motordrive and just burn through miles of film at 5fps, nowadays that sort of behaviour would bankrupt yourself faster than adopting the standard diet of a 1980s Yuppie - which, as everyone knows, was purely Champagne and Cocaine. Sometimes both at once, even. And so the Pdexposures … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 8 – Show Notes


While Tony had his chance to shine waaaaaay back with Episode 4 (the Soviet Rangefinder show), this time round on the Pdexposures podcast Simon takes the reins to educate us all about Pinhole photography. Being the resident "expert", this is primarily his show, so sit back and let his beautiful Texan accent wash over you. "Pinhole of San Antonio River" by our very own Simon … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 6 – Show Notes


This is probably the most technical podcast we’ve ever done, and that’s thanks mostly to guest host/fountain of knowledge, Dan Domme. Instead of your normal service of rangefinder geekery and GAS temptations, we’re providing you with an hour seminar of Film Developing 101, but unlike the corresponding night class at your local college, this one is provided for free. Aren’t we … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 5 – Show Notes


This week on the Pdexposures podcast we're dealing with film. It's the most important part of any camera - it doesn't matter how much money you sink into the lens you're channeling light through or the red dot on the front, if you've chosen the wrong film you'll never be happy with what comes out the other end. And while this may seem like common sense, the amount of people who … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 4 – Show Notes


Ladies and gentlemen, this episode clearly belongs to Tony Gale, the undisputed king of Soviet cameras - and rangefinders in particular. If you've ever wanted to know more about this sub-section of cameras with a history often shrouded by a veil of secrecy and years of communist propaganda you're in for a treat! This is also our first listener requested episode! Thank you to … [Read more...]