Episode 11: A Visit to the Schlaboratory


todd photo for show pageWE’RE BACK! The Pinhole Podcast gang took a break from their extended holiday to talk to a most excellent friend of the show, Todd Schlemmer. Todd is, amongst many other things, a printer of 3D pinhole cameras, and he talks to us about his process, sharing a lot of helpful hints and interesting tidbits along the way. Please check him out at Thingiverse – you can find his Twitter and Flick links there, as well!

Below, a wealth of links for several topics that came up through the show, as well as some links Todd has shared with us – if we missed any, or if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook!

Online CAD app for 3D printing: Tinkercad
RepRap project…a self-replicating printer project: RepRap
Lulzbot (one of Todd’s printers): Lulzbot
Harmon Titan camera (basis for Todd’s first 4×5 camera): Harman Titan 4×5
Shapeways is a 3D print service that can print in metal, plastic, ceramic and other materials: Shapeways
Todd’s Ceramic Dude Bear! The Bear. Print your own with this design: Thing 41340

Links from Todd (thanks buddy!):
Printing a set of parts for the terraPin 6X9: terraPin
Shelly’s Pink TerraPin Square in progress: TerraPink
GMO MeFOTO-terraPin Bijou: Bijou x MeFOTO
From Todd: Here’s a cheezy video I made to demonstrate how 3D printers make stuff. My first 3D printer, the printrbot is printing a skulltruder drive gear for my 3d printer. It’s kind of crude, but you can see how the toolpathing works: YouTube

Music: “The Neon Exhibition” by 3D TV, licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.


  1. rt says

    Great podcast! Knew nothing about 3D printing till now. How wonderful of Todd to share his knowledge and files with fellow pinholers. Thanks, Todd!

    I will also have to look into that digital microscope to measure pinholes! Cool!

    ross t

  2. James Guerin says

    “Say that in metrics” !!!
    Excellent! Great to hear the Schlem talk about his projects..

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