Film Ferrania Launches Kickstarter Campaign

In the most recent episode of the Pdexposures Podcast we talked with Dave about a lot of things including film production, timelines and more. What we didn’t go over on-air was the fact that they would be doing this all via a Kickstarter project. That day has come and at the time of writing they have raised over $35,000 in less than 3 hours.

The “100 More Years of Analog Film” Kickstarter Project by Film Ferrania speaks to exactly what they are trying to accomplish – provide a sustainable resource for film photography far into the future. And the plan to do this is simple, by producing film in smaller batches costs can be kept down and they don’t run the risk of over-producing.


As with all Kickstarter projects this does come at a cost. Ferrania needs to raise $250,000 in 28 days in order to purchase the machines required to produce the film in these smaller batches. If they are unable to do so the Italian Government cannot promise they won’t be destroyed (if this sounds like the plot to a cheesy thriller you’re right, but that doesn’t make it any less true).


To start with Ferrania will be making four types of film including: 35mm, 120, Super 8 and 16mm. Though they are clear to state that these are in no way the only formats they will ever produce. Ferrania has the ability to produce 4×5, 8×10, 126, 127 and other formats if the desire is there. So even if you’re exclusively a large format shooter it would be best to back their campaign so they’ll be able to produce other formats moving forward.

Finally, as a disclaimer we would like to mention that the prices are sure to seem expensive for Chrome film. Ferrania has stated in no uncertain words that this will not be the final pricing. The initial run will be more expensive as machines are purchased and brought online but in time the cost will come down.

To show your support you can back their Kickstarter project here. Also be sure to listen to our interview with Dave Bias of Ferrania here!

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