Fuji Announces All New Instax Wide 300

Fans have been begging Fuji to release an updated Instax Wide camera ever since the 500AF was discontinued – preferably one with more professional features to take advantage of the wonderful Instax Wide film. Unfortunately, the all-new Instax Wide 300 is not that camera.

There is good news however as the Instax Wide 300 offers an updated finish that is more in line with the recently released Instax 90, moving away from the bubbly look of the Instax 210. It retains most of the features of the 210 including the built in optical viewfinder, two focus zones for portrait and landscape use, a close up lens and built-in electronic flash.


The most noticeable upgrades are in the aesthetics. This camera is a much more mature Instax Wide with a pronounced grip, two-tone look and textured ring around the lens, harkening back to the glory days of photography. Soon you’ll be able to get one for yourself for only $129.99.

Fuji also introduced two new colors in their Instax Mini 8 line, dubbed Rasperry and Grape:



But wait – there’s more! To cap off today’s announcements from Fuji they added an all-new color option to the Instax Mini 90 in the form of a nice brown (faux) leather.



While these may have not been the announcements serious Instax shooters have been hoping for, they do prove one thing: Fuji is still very much committed to their Instax line, and you can expect it to be around for a long time.


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