Galaxy Photo Paper – A new High Speed Direct Positive Photo Paper

A new Kickstarter has cropped up today attempting to bring a new manufacturer of Direct Positive Photo Paper to the market. Traditionally, photo paper is on the slower side with ISO’s ranging from 1-6, however the Galaxy Photo Paper when completed will be able to boast an ISO of 120, making this a fast photo paper that can be used for a variety of applications.

The team assembled for the kickstarter has been working with the Slavich to produce the paper, and have access to their factory for the final production of the paper. In addition, they have been working with the Russian Photography Research Institute to bring this product to life.

In my opinion, this Kickstarter has a strong chance of success due to the research performed and access to the necessary testing facilities and manufacturing equipment.

Additionally, judging by the test photos presented in the Kickstarter, the project appears to be strongly headed in the right direction:


The site explains a breakdown of where the financials will go. With 40% going to research, production and test batches and an additional 35% going to hard costs making 75% of the proceeds going to production of the actual product.

You can check out their Kickstarter here.

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