Pdexposures Podcast Episode 25 – Darkroom Printing 101


In the last episode we started a campaign to get more people setting up their own darkrooms in whatever space they could find. Well, we realise that such a campaign is useless if people don’t know what to do when the safelights have been turned on, so we enlisted the help of an old friend to pass on the arcane knowledge that is printmaking – yes, Dan Domme is back!

By the time this episode’s over you should have more or less everything you need to know to make your first prints – and also know why contact printers are the devil’s work, why some people prefer fibre-based paper over resin coated, and what the PQ in PQ Developer actually stands for.

The music this week comes courtesy of Tony’s old skate-rat-friend-turned-musician-and-occasional-photographer, Sean Crocker. His new band Death & The Miser are bring back a classic metal sound, and their first track Love and Terror is available as a free download at https://soundcloud.com/deathandthemiser/love-and-terror.

Image “Darkroom” provided by Flickr user Stephen Cummings under the Creative Commons license. If your image was used and you would like it removed please e-mail info@pdexposures.com.



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