Pdexposures Podcast Episode 29 – Nate’s Awkward Mounting Methods


Here at Pdexposures we’ve covered printing, darkrooms and instant photography, but we’ve never fully dealt with how to handle the printed material these topics create, so here goes: an episode all about presentation. Yes, we’ve talked about zines and books before, but this time round we’re also dealing with cropping, mounting (and how not to do it) and framing. Cue such discussions as to whether square prints can go in a rectangular space and whether anything other than a black frame is acceptable.

Honestly, who would have thought such a simple topic could cause such big arguments amongst such a friendly and well-bonded team.

The music this week comes from skater, librarian and occasional electronic musician, Bob Loftin. Go listen to the rest of his synthesized drone noise at https://soundcloud.com/bibliosk8er and leave him some nice words.

Image “Picture Frames” provided by Flickr user Ricardo Diaz under the Creative Commons license. If your image was used and you would like it removed please e-mail info@pdexposures.com.

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