Pdexposures Podcast Episode 3 – Show Notes

Welcome to episode 3 of the Pdexposures podcast, where we open up to a new subject for the show – toy cameras.

We start off by talking a bit about the Lomography BelAir, a medium format camera that is designed to be a complete system with interchangeable lenses, different frame masks, and auto exposure!

Cover image for the Lomography BelAir x6-12 review on Pdexposures.TV

We talk about how it compares to other cameras – from old folding cameras to Holgas – and all the ins-and-outs of actually using the Lomography BelAir, including a little hack to get you a faux long shutter release. Check out the link below to learn more about it:


Simon talks about what he loves when it comes to toy and pinhole cameras; the unique features and the DIY attitude that goes along with the toy camera lifestyle.

Did you know there is a Lomography Diana F+ with a map of Seattle adorning it? Because now you do!


Simon refuses to say the “d” in dSLR, Tony thinks the Leica M9 should be referred to as a dRangefinder and furthermore the iSLR (or Polaroid SX70 as it used to be known) is the greatest name for a camera ever made. Although Apple may not take too kindly to that…

C. Gary Moyer discusses for B&H Photo Video the idea that a toy camera will slow you down because of what you can’t control, rather than what you can. To see the entire talk click the link below!


Do we really need to share every single image we’ve ever taken of anything we’ve ever done? Sprint sure thinks we do:

Are old cameras such as the Kodak Brownie considered toy cameras as well? Even though they produce images very similar to what a modern day toy camera produces, can we call it a toy?

Which one is longitude and which is latitude?

The intro and outro was again supplied by Crocus; a track called “When Your Own Heart Asks”. They split up last year, but go check them out on Bandcamp or something – they’re awesome.


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    Another great podcast guys, really enjoying the film photography banter. I particularly enjoyed hearing a brief discussion on pinhole photography, a passion of mine. You also had me nodding along in agreement as you complained about the horrid Sprint commercial where the guy proclaims its his right to post everything about his life… ugh no its not.

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