Pdexposures Podcast Episode 31 – the New55 Project


We’ve got a very important show for you this week. Not only is it the first episode Nate has ever missed (making Tony the only person to never miss a main episode to date), but we’ve got two very special guests: Bob Crowley and Sam Hiser, the two men behind the New55 Project.

If you’re not aware of the New55 Project, it’s an attempt to not only reproduce and replace but considerably improve on the most legendary Polaroid film stock ever – their instant 4×5 Type 55. The results they’ve had so far have been nothing less than stunning, and we get to talk to them about the technical details behind the film, the soon-to-end Kickstarter campaign, and what happens when they reach the deadline.

Keep up with their latest news at http://new55project.blogspot.co.uk/, but add your pledge at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bobcrowley/new55-film now – there’s still $150,000 to go, and every little bit you can chip in is going to help get that number down over the coming days!

The ambient music that bookmarks this episode is by listener, friend and fellow film photographer Ki Choquette, and it’s called “I’m Sorry That I Ruined Your Day”. Go listen to (and buy!) his music at http://kichoquette.bandcamp.com/, and check out his beautiful photography at http://kichoquette.us/.

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