Pdexposures Podcast Episode 38 – Winter is Coming


It may only be September but already the leaves are starting to fall and the nights are drawing in; in Nate’s mind, panic stations are being manned and he’s moving to red alert. He even changed the bulb.

So join us as 2/3rds of the team largely disregard “transitioning to black and white”, explore why winter is great when your darkroom is full of spiders, and insult the work of William Eggleston without remorse.

Oh, and the music this week? We’ll give a free roll of film (35mm or 120 – your choice, but that’s the only choice you’re getting) to the first person to correctly name the track in the comments below.


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    Is the music “A Plague on Both Your Houses” from Shakespeare in Love?

    Listening to the first little bit, I’m intrigued. A general rule that I was given (though, of course, rules are made to be broken) was that black and white is best to shoot on sunnier days, with color being good for sunny AND overcast days. I don’t use that has a hard and fast rule, however. Often, it’s more a matter of how I am seeing things that day or when I go to a certain place. Some places just demand color.

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      Bloody hell – well done! I genuinely thought it’d take longer than that. Be honest – did you use Shazam or something similar?

      At any rate, send your address and whether you want 35mm or 120 to tony@pdexposures.com and we’ll get a roll of film out to you quick-sharp.

      It’ll be interesting to see what the general consensus is regarding black and white and colour. I always heard/understood it Nate’s way, so I’m now curious as to whether we are just two anomalies and everyone else has your stance.

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        Listening to you and Nate talk about your similar views on the subject (and your descriptions of winter), it seems like geography and climate also play a role. Living near Chicago myself, winter means cold and snow rather than cold and rain like you guys seem to be more prone to. So while the snow can be fun with black and white, picking color out of the white on a crisp winter’s day can also turn out well. And yes, you do have to careful of battery drain. I always make a habit of keeping my camera in my coat next to my body and/or extra batteries in my pocket to keep them warm. Of course, Simon down in Texas is completely different from all of us and so he’d be a different part of this whole geography/climate idea.

        But I also found it interesting that Nate cuts back on how much instant he shoots in the winter because of how the color looks. I cut back because instant film’s temperature sensitivity and the extreme cold we tend to have makes it a pain to bother with.

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