Pdexposures Podcast Episode 39 – Film Ferrania update from Dave Bias


Pdexposures is back with a first for the podcast: this episode is an audio AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dave Bias of Film Ferrania, the Italian film manufacturer who is currently rising from the ashes and restarting production, and all the questions – good, bad and bizarre – come from our audience.

During the next hour of your life you’ll hear how the plan to restart Ferrania was born, what enabled it to take place, what you’re likely to see over the coming months and years, and whether or not Ferrania has a company policy on banjos. First person to figure out who put us up for asking that last one (and no, it wasn’t Tony) wins the joy of verbally berating the person in question on Twitter.

The music this week is a sneak preview of a new hip hop group from England called Brixn Morta. Longtime listeners may remember they appeared once before, a long time back; well, they’re working on their debut album, and you can follow their progress on their Facebook page. Go say hi.


  1. Shelly says

    I can’t believe you gits asked about the banjos. It is a testament to Dave’s professionalism that he gave a solid answer. :)

    But, seriously, good interview and excellent information. I was most interested in hearing about Ferrania’s desire/goals to be totally self-sustaining. That’s where the long-term future of film is, in THAT kind of effort, and if we want to see film continue, we really need to get on board with that kind of sustainability .

    Also, Tony is dead to me for forgetting my name.


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