Pdexposures Podcast Episode 48 – Mystery Science Theater


So this one’s a bit experimental, and we apologise in advance if you normally listen to these on the way to work or in the car. That’s really not going to work this week.

No, this week you have to go over to Youtube and find The Many Lives of William Klein. (Thankfully, we’ve made a link to help you. It’s right here. Also, over there. Also scroll down.) Then, settle in somewhere with this podcast, that documentary, a cup of tea/coffee and a few biscuits/cookies, hit play on the documentary after Simon counts you in and enjoy our pseudo-commentary all the way through. It’s just like having the three of us sat in the living room watching it with you, only you can’t hit us and tell us to shut up when we’re talking over an interesting bit!

Although I guess you could just turn us off.

Please don’t do that.


  1. Chris says

    I love your podcast guys and have caught up with all the episodes after finding you last year.

    I liked this experiment of the visual synchronisation with the podcast but have to pick Nate up on one comment about Don McCullin being “full of shit” – come on man are you serious??

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