Pdexposures Podcast Episode 51 – Overly Tight Focusing


So hot of the heels of the wildly successful and rambling live spectacular that was Episode 50 comes this hour of tightly-honed rage and derision.

Who knew that when Nate decided to use the podcast as an excuse to talk about how much he loves his pretty new Contax G2, he’d end up being mocked relentlessly by a man fuelled by a semi-irrational hatred of all things automatic?

Yes, the correct answer is “everyone who’s ever listened to the podcast before” or “anyone who’s ever spoke to Tony about any camera made after 1980”.

(By the way, all hate mail relating to this episode can go to tony@pdexposures.com. The most creative might well get read out on air in Episode 52, Dawkins-style.)


  1. jeremy north says

    Foul mouthed T G yet again showed his stupidity. What is the difference between using an electronic focussing system and a mechanical one? Why does he not use a tape measure? Oh but that would be cheating too.
    I wish that idiot would just take a seascape of Beachy Head and pace out the distance backwards, misjudging it ever so slightly :-)

  2. says

    Gentlemen, Remember that Daido Moriyama, one of the preeminent photographers of our age, routinely shoots with cheap, auto focus compact cameras. He’s out shooting everyday, and travels internationally, working on his photography. He publishes a variety of books every year (including at least 4 issues of his long-running magazine, Kiroku (“Record,” in English). Did I mention the many exhibitions and museums that his work is in? And how old is he? Nearly 77! As with most of the Japanese photographers, manual/auto, focal length, film/digital don’t mean anything. Focus is not everything, either. The photographer, the idea, and the photograph is everything. Everything else is immaterial.

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