Pdexposures Podcast Episode 54 – Little Publications


In the past we have talked about getting your work out there, we’ve talked about zines, and we’ve talked about books. But we’ve never discussed what actually goes into producing a zine. Dan Domme guest hosts in the 54th episode of Pdexposures bringing his expertise of zine production to the table. Dan hasĀ produced three different (and equally bizarrely named) zines; the most recent which you can still purchase at DommePhoto.com, though quantities are very limited. We discuss production, the ethics of what you should charge, what a zine is exactly, different printers, methods of printing, and even selling/distribution of your zine online.

We are also itching to do another episode where we talk about your zines. Do you have one that you’ve produced recently? If so get in touch in the comments below!



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