Pdexposures Podcast Episode 59 – Shoot What You Love


This is an episode that has been in discussion for some time. Choosing projects to shoot; How do you figure it out?

Nate and Simon share how they have found their personal projects in their work and how you can to. How to go about organizing a notebook of your shots, or organizing it on the floor of your living room and discovering what you enjoy shooting and finding the narrative in your shots.

Be certain to tweet @pdexposures a photo of your prints laid out on whatever space you have in your home, office or studio to share with us what you shoot and what you love to shoot.


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    I listened to this podcast yesterday and today this came up in my feed so I thought I would share it with you. This blog often touches on topics that you discuss in your podcasts. In this case the personal project. It provides information about the photographer’s thinking process in areas such as such as inspiration, presentation, and differentiation between their profession and personal work. Although this site is targeted to commercial and editorial photographers, there’s a lot of good stuff that amateur photographers can learn from.


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