Pinhole Podcast – Episode 6: Chris Keeney


We are SO excited about the special guest we have for this super-sized episode of the Pinhole Podcast – San Diego photographer and pinholer extraordinaire, Chris Keeney! Chris is the author of Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide and makes some of the most creative pinhole cameras you will ever see.

We chat with Chris about his passion for pinhole and photography, as well as the Spamera and the Mexicanon, underwater cameras, artist and pinhole camera creator Wayne Belger, film evangelism, Kickstarter cameras, his photography inspirations, and the process behind writing and publishing his book. Best of all, Chris also shares some invaluable tips and tricks for pinhole camera creation – if you’ve been thinking about building your own pinhole cameras, you DON’T want to miss it.

It was a fascinating conversation and we can’t thank Chris enough for taking the time to talk to us. Please check out his site and, if you don’t have it already, pick up a copy of Pinhole Camera: A DIY Guide – it’s an invaluable resource for any pinhole photographer!

Questions about building your own pinhole cameras? Have an interesting one you’ve made that you’d like to share? Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter (@PinholePodcast)!

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  1. says

    I think this turned out great! Thank you so much for having me as part of this series.

    Great discussion and I think there’s a lot of good info in there for people who are interested in learning more about pinhole photography. I’m a bit romantic about paper negative photography, so I fear I may have chatted about bit long on that topic. Hopefully it will inspire people to try it.

    At the end I didn’t realize that your anamorphic camera was a single shot camera and not one with it’s own film advance.
    I was thinking it looked like this:
    So my apologies there.

    Thanks again for having me and good luck to all everyone on their own creative paths.


  2. says

    Excellent and informative podcast! I’ve been following Chris Keeney for years. After hearing this podcast, I am so amped I feel like pulling out my dusty Spam-Cam and running some film/paper through it! :)

    I’m also going to get serious about building an anamorphic and also a blender pinhole camera, projects that have been on the back of my mind for a long time.

    aka “art y fotos”

  3. says

    I never had any luck with digital negative either. But coming for the old wet darkroom print industry, I’ve had much better luck making negs and positives with imagesetters.

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