Pinhole Podcast – Episode 8: Gifts


With the holidays approaching, Herschel, Alex and Jana got together to discuss useful gifts for the pinhole photographer and offer a few personal revelations for the season.

It all begins with a discussion of gifts we’d like to receive this year. Jana hopes for the perfect, travel-friendly tripod, Herschel makes a wish for a Zero Image 4×5 camera and Alex welcomes any listeners to send the Supersense 66/6 Pinhole Instant Camera his way.

The conversation then turns to gifts for those new to pinhole photography which of course generates some lively banter and useful suggestions. While Alex and Jana consider 35mm pinhole cameras like the Viddy or ONDU 35mm a good start, Herschel does one better and offers the gift of building a custom pinhole camera and developing the first prints.

Our thoughtful discussion continues on to topics such as the revival of film, converting Polaroid CB-70 (or CB-72) into instant pinhole cameras, eBay sob stories and Herschel’s use of The Force to meter exposures. Do you have gift suggestions, an eBay sob story of your own or feedback from this podcast? Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Quick reminder: Submit your entry to our Pinhole Contest! We are impressed by the entries we’ve received so far and cannot wait to see your work as well. Send your best pinhole image to with subject line ‘Pinhole Podcast Contest Entry’ with your name and website link for a chance to win a ONDU 6×6 pinhole camera, film and other goodies. Entries are due by Sunday, November 30 and the winner will be announced in our December episode. One entry per person.

Happy Holidays from your Pinhole Podcast team!


  1. Justin Erickson says

    Great episode. The Lumu meter does work on Android devices if they are running version 4.1 or higher. I use it regularly with my Samsung Galaxy S4. They have sort of given up on the Android app though since there is no pinhole metering, but there are plenty of resources/apps that can help you figure out the equivalent exposure.

  2. says

    Fun episode!

    If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a budding pinhole photographer, long-time pinhologist Tsutomu Otsuka (aka twin_lens on Flickr) has created a Pinhole Exposure Scale that you can download for FREE from his website (PDF):

    Along with my pinhole camera and Sekonic light meter, I carry the Pinhole Exposure Scale with me wherever I go! If you download it and find it useful, do let Otsuka-san know!

    ross :)
    aka art y fotos

  3. says

    Great show! Regarding ultra wide cameras such as the Zero 45, the trick to filling the entire sheet is to overexpose by a couple of stops. Only at the center is the film 25mm from the pinhole ( f125) and this increases to 84mm in the corners (f420!!).. the happy medium is somewhere in between.
    P.s – thanks for the mention! 😉

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