Pinhole Podcast – Episode 9: Winter


Season’s greetings from the Pinhole Podcast team!

For Episode 9, we got together to talk about shooting pinhole in the winter. The darker days and chilly temperatures are definitely challenging, as Shelly learned the hard way on a recent trip, but we offer useful tips and suggestions to encourage you (and her) to keep shooting.

In the second half of our episode we discuss our recent Pinhole Contest. We were totally blown away at the technique and creativity of the work that was submitted! We chatted about our decision-making process (it was NOT easy) before finally announcing our contest winner. Telling you in the notes? No way, that’s too easy – you’ll have to listen to find out!

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*Photo by Shelly, as discussed in this episode.

Music: “Winner Winner” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under Attribution 3.0 International License.


  1. says

    I guess that something is wrong with this podcast (unless you are creating some kind of stress on the contesters, hahahaha!!!!) because after the wonderful “winner winner” music around the minute 16:40, the podcast ends without any clue about the photo contest, hahahahaha!!!!!!!

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