Pinhole Intermission: A Chat with Amanda


This episode brings together all of the women of (Jana, Shelly, and Amanda) in one grand intermission, where we discuss…well, we discussed a LOT of things. This episode definitely has a more lo-fi flow – the audio might not be up to our normal standard, but we didn’t want to prevent your enjoying our chat with Amanda!

We start off talking about the pinhole cameras in our arsenals, from favorites to meh, from the homemade to the hotly (sort of) debated Holga WPC. Discussion veered into the cameras we want, and the cameras we wish we wanted.

Next, we talked about Kelly Angood’s new Kickstarter project, the Viddy: It really MIGHT be the cutest DIY pinhole camera in the world, check it out! We also spend a fair bit of time commiserating on our limitations when it comes to building our own cameras. Sigh.

Hold on tight – the chat speeds up after that! We talked about changes at Urban Outfitters and the cameras they carry, the Impossible Instant Lab, Impossible film, Impossible in general, Polaroid cameras, pink star awards, and bags bags BAGS. Jana and Shelly are big fans of the Kelly Moore line of bags; we discussed those at length, as well as every other bag pretty much ever made, ever.

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  1. Dan says

    Good to hear the podcast again. Remember the Seattle vs Portland rivalry for the best pinography…

  2. says

    The recent growth and interest in pinhole photography is wonderful. About 15 years ago when I first started pinholing, there certainly weren’t as many choices in commercially-made pinhole cams. I guess this is why some of us old-timey pinholers are also DIY-ers. :)

    Great to hear from the ladies about their choices in pinhole cameras, films, and bags. I look forward to hearing what the Pinhole Podcast guys think, too.

    I’m a bonafide Domke bag user. Have a couple of them for different purposes. “Gentleman” and “manly”? I dunno about that, but the F-802 Satchel is my “everyday bag”. I wore out my first one and working on number 2. I also use a Lowepro backpack for those days I need to be hands-free (not so often nowadays, but for hiking, etc.).

    You touched upon different film formats, but something to consider in a future podcast – your preferences on “angle of view”. I think many pinholers, including myself, are attracted to the very-wide perspective (100degs+), but not everyone.

    Keep ’em coming! :)
    ross aka “art y fotos”

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