Plastic Imagery – Episode 18 – $20 Challenge Redux


A few years ago on Pdexposures, we brought you the $20 challenge. The challenge was to find a camera, a roll of film and development for under $20. With that in mind, Plastic Imagery has brought back the challenge from the past and is now issuing it to you all.

Find a Camera, shoot a roll, get it developed — for under $20

This camera can be anything you can find at estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets.  For this special episode, Rob and Simon discuss the $20 challenge from the past and introduce the contest we are having in conjunction with the $20 Challenge.

Ferrania was kind enough  to donate a few prizes our way to make things interesting:

Best Image: After you find the camera, and shoot a roll through it, we would like you to submit the best 3 images from the roll. The best entry can win their choice of Ferrania shirt and their choice of tote bag with a post card set.

Best Camera find: Think you found a great camera? Submit to us the camera, what makes it great and how much you paid for it with a picture of you holding the camera. The best entry will win its choice of best tote from Ferrania plus a post card set.

Feel free to post the images you want to submit to any site you desire with the hash tag #pdx20dollar and submit the links in the form below. You have until July 21st to submit your images, at which point judging will begin. Contest is open to anyone in the world to participate, except those involved with shows on pdexposures.

Entries are closed.


  1. says

    Hey guys,

    I picked up a Olympus XA for $5AUD at a thrift store 3 days before you posted the challenge.
    Can I use it?

    • says

      Ben, I shot you an email on this. Our site is buggy so I have been busy with fixing it, but it fits the spirit of the contest. go for it.

  2. says

    I finally found a camera for under $20! It’s a not-so-minty Kodak Brownie Reflex 20. Just need to respool some 120 onto a 620 roll, and I’m ready to shoot. (Now I have to get good results with a single roll or break my budget….)


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