Plastic Imagery – Episode 19 – Somerville Toy Camera Festival


Sumerville Toy Camera Festival, an annual event organized by Bonnie B. and Susan Berstler is having an open call for entries. By the way, deadline is tonight, so hurry and get your entries in!

Susan and Bonnie joined us this for a friendly chat to discuss the festival, and share with us what Toy cameras and Plastic cameras mean for them.

Sit Back, and enjoy the show.

Also, do not forget, the $20 Challenge is happening now and the deadline is close to the end of the month. We hope you have found your camera and are already shooting to win some Ferrania swag.

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  1. Brian says

    So happy about this show! I’m a Somervillian and our arts community is fantastic. As an engineer with very little art background, the community is definitely rubbing off on me. Photography is a good medium to engage my otherwise technical mindset.

    I just submitted a few shots last night for the show shot on my Holga 120 3d; curious to see if any other stereo photographers end up in the show.


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