Press release just in: one useless company is teaming up with a slightly less useless one

If you remember, a while back I wrote a thing about how internet news works. Well, the same company is at it again, and a brand new press release is doing the rounds.

Strangely enough, we didn’t get a copy. I can’t imagine why.

Anyway, Lomography have decided that maybe the future isn’t digital after all, and maybe if they sidle up to the new UK-based Kodak offshoot, Kodak Alaris, they can reassure the film-shooting fanbase they cultivated (only to scare away with lenses for mirrorless m4/3 digital cameras) that actually, yes, they are in this for the long haul.

What does this mean to us – by which I mean film shooters, not Pdexposures? Well… not much. If you look at it realistically, it’s just going to be business as usual for both companies. Lomography will still sell Kodak’s film, Kodak will still supply cheap, poor-quality film for Lomography’s rebranded rolls of colour negative film, and the Earth will keep going round the Sun.

What it does mean is that they both get a nice bit of free, teat-sucking “HOLY CRAP FILM IS GOING TO LIVE!” publicity across the internet’s network of poorly hashed-together photography blogs and Flickr groups.

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    • says

      I guess that depends on whether you think any publicity is good publicity. I don’t. Moreover, I think it’s good to get your critical head on about these things. Too much unquestioning positivity out there.


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