Red Light District 01: Nate Matos

In our first entry to the Red Light District we take a look at the personal darkroom of Pdexposures founder Nate Matos. Coming from tiny spaces that weren’t fit to print inkjet, Nate was pleased to put his new darkroom together;

“I had always wanted a real darkroom, something serious and built into the house. It started about 5 years ago when a friend and I stumbled into an estate sale of a photographer. Not only were there over 200 cameras, hundreds of photography books and gobs of interesting photographica but there was also a darkroom attached to the study.

Despite my dreams the space never really arrived. And as much as I wanted to be, I was never dedicated enough to unpack everything and set it up in a bathroom more than a handful of times. Within the past year I moved and along with the new living quarters there was a 10×10 shed out back which was perfect for storing extra boxes – wait, scratch that. It was meant to be my darkroom.

I have a decent setup including a Beseler 67SII enlarger with the Dichro head and extended base. Coupled to that is a Nikkor EL 50mm 2.8 enlarging lens hooked up to a white Gralab timer. This all sits atop a nice sturdy Craftsman workbench which allows chemical storage and places for easels and notes. This spring/summer I’m looking to add heat, water and electricity so it all feels more put together.”

Thanks Nate! You can find him around the web at:







Have you got a home darkroom you want to share with the world? Send a series of photographs along with a short, descriptive text to and you might just be the third or fourth in this series (but you won’t be the second, as fellow Pdexposures host Tony Gale gets that spot).


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      I need lots apparently. In actuality I don’t need that many. I found a ton at a thrift store in the boxes for a buck each so I scooped them all up. It works out well as I will load up 5-6 tanks at a time and organize my developing so that I start the long (30 min) tanks and do the shorter ones in between. It really cuts down on my time spent agitating.

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        ah yes. good for differing developer and film combinations.
        I thank the gods for the 5 reel tank I have access to but sometimes it makes me a bit creative in how I develop my negs.

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    Congratulations on the new dark room. I would love to have one of these myself. I usually turn the kitchen into a dark room after everyone has gone to bed. The only problem is the need to be quite. Cheers.


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