Red Light District 04: Tibo from France

We’ve made it to number four of the Red Light District with our first international darkroom (because Tony and the UK don’t count). Tibo is from France and has quite the stunning setup and has been kind enough to share a little more about it with some fantastic photos to boot!

That’s the spot ! It’s a bit messy but it’s big so it does not matter that much. You can see on the pano all the lights, got a bunch of small ones and a big one on top of the chemicals.
The machines : Left one is a Rohen, pretty standard 35mm enlarger, I use it for my contacts. Right one is a Durst Laborator 1200 with a color head, CLS 500. This is a beast but so comfortable to work with. It works up to 4×5 sheet films, perfect for my pinhole photos. You can tilt the head 90° to project on walls for massive prints.
A big sink :)
A smaller sink and a washing machine for the big days, it’s only useful if you do like 20+ prints. It comes from a professional lab. Saves a lot of water for big batches.
In a separate room, a handmade light table.
It’s air conditioned to keep all the chemicals at the same temperature (saves a lot of time). Sorry for my English guys, i learned it in Australia and with South park. Let me know if you need more information or other photos. Keep up the good work, i really enjoy the podcast 😉
From the land of the cheese,
Thanks Tibo! Your darkroom is nothing short of fantastic! If you have a darkroom in your house you would like to share, be sure to send photos with information about your setup to!

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