Red Light District 05: Dave Kirby

We have made it to the fifth edition of the Red Light District. In much the same vein as our first featured Darkroom, Dave has turned an outdoor shed into a darkroom. He even sees some of the same issues Nate does – though whether he uses a bucket to move water around was unfortunately not addressed.

What started off as a 8 x 6 shed was transformed into a fully functional darkroom, complete with home-made workbenches. It doesn’t have a water supply (that’s what kitchens are for) and electricity is piped in by using a cable through a floor hatch (lightproofed of course – see image) which goes into the kitchen. When not in use the cable can be pushed through the hatch. I also made some inner doors for double light blocking power!

For more info see here: and here:

Thanks Dave! These shed darkrooms sure seem to be gaining popularity. Have you built a darkroom in your backyard? Be sure to send photos with information about your setup to!

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