The Instant Photo Show – Episode 10: PRYME Time


In Episode 10 we talk news, Kat is back, and we have a special guest, creator of PRYME magazine, Michael Behlen. In the news: Lomo Instant Wide talk, Impossible Magazine Online, IMPOSSIBLE film is ALL Gen 2, DuoChrome Green is launched, IMPOSSIBLE Skunkworks hints at a Instant Back for RB67 and 600SE. We also review the Unit Portables SX-70 case, and we're going to give it … [Read more...]

The Instant Photo Show Episode 2 – Roidweek & The Future of Instant Film

The Instant Photo Show - Episode 2

We’re BACK with Episode Two!  This time we discuss ‘Roidweek 2015, the New55 Coating Test and 4X5 Instant Film, IMPOSSIBLE Gen2 Color 600 feedback, and other news in the instant world.  Our main topic is why we still love instant film, and why we think it’s still a viable product in today’s market.  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke and Jessica Reinhardt as they both wonder what … [Read more...]

An Instant TLR? Don’t Mind If I Do.


The news hit the internet this week that MiNT, a company from Hong Kong that previously produced a flash bar and accessory filters for the SX70, have announced a brand new instant camera: the TL70, a TLR that takes Instax Mini film. Normally, I'd just leave this sort of news to sloppy press-release rehashing blogs who contribute no insight and just want traffic, but I'm … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 40 – Everything Instant, pt. 2 (and a bit more)


It's been a long, long while since we properly covered the instant film industry on Pdexposures. So long ago, in fact, that finding the page for that link was actually slightly difficult. Which link you say? This link. Here. Which goes back all the way to episode 11. A lot has changed in the instant world in that time - new cameras, new film stocks, new things to love and … [Read more...]

Plastic Imagery Episode 7 – Instant Addiction


Finally, the team at plastic imagery sat down to discuss one of their favorite film types - Instant Film. While Polaroid is not often seen lumped into the toy camera category, we felt at east discussing the many varied types of 600 and SX-70 cameras you can buy that feature a wonderful plastic lens. Additionally we learned of one camera that Simon wants in … [Read more...]