Another one bites the dust; RIP, Kodak BW400CN.

Jemma BW400CN

Last week, Kodak posted a notice stating that BW400CN, their C41 processed black and white film, was being discontinued. Regarding the decision, Kodak wrote that they "empathize with the Pro photographers and consumers who use and love this film, but given the significant minimum order quantity necessary to coat more product combined with the very small customer demand, it … [Read more...]

Redditor Buys Disposable Camera and Finds Exposed Photo


There are lots of tales from people purchasing disposable cameras at thrift stores and developing the roll to see what surprises await them. There are also those who still purchase new disposable cameras to use them with projects like The Indisposable Concept. But then there is this Reddit user, who falls somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Reddit user EnglishThesaurus … [Read more...]

An editorial clarification: My personal stance on Lomography.

Invite two sceptics to a Lomography pop-up shop and this is what's going to happen.

It seems my last article ruffled some feathers. I can't say I'm that surprised - you can't sit down and call a much-loved company useless without taking a bit of heat as a result. What did surprise me is that some people didn't see the slightly tongue-in-cheek mockery of it all - and that they didn't appreciate that I have a past history of such things. One reader … [Read more...]

Press release just in: one useless company is teaming up with a slightly less useless one

It's a bloody love-in.

If you remember, a while back I wrote a thing about how internet news works. Well, the same company is at it again, and a brand new press release is doing the rounds. Strangely enough, we didn't get a copy. I can't imagine why. Anyway, Lomography have decided that maybe the future isn't digital after all, and maybe if they sidle up to the new UK-based Kodak offshoot, … [Read more...]

Star Wars Episode VII Will Be Shot On Film


As studios and theaters turn to digital recording methods and projection, there are still many who prefer to shoot on film. So after the 3 prequels featured such an abundance of special effects and the latter two were shot digitally, most people (us included) would have assumed that the next set of films would have continued down the same road. But as … [Read more...]