Five Medium Format Cameras You Should Buy Instead Of The LC-A 120

Medium Format

Simon recently reviewed Lomography's new LC-A 120 and, much to our (read: my) surprise, the verdict was basically "it's not bad". It seems like, after the unholy hell of problems that was the Belair, Lomography have started to learn the error of their ways and moved towards slightly higher quality products. But the problem of the sticker shock remains: £339 is a lot of money … [Read more...]

Lomo LC-A Classic Camera Review

Lomo LC-A Camera Review

Note: This review of the Lomo LC-A was originally published in 2011 on Lomography to me was never a fantastically interesting topic. They introduced and perfected the idea that when given to a marketing firm, photography can be made cool; an idea that many companies (I won't name names) use today. Personally, I would rather spend my pennies on taking the … [Read more...]