The Instant Photo Show – Episode 10: PRYME Time


In Episode 10 we talk news, Kat is back, and we have a special guest, creator of PRYME magazine, Michael Behlen. In the news: Lomo Instant Wide talk, Impossible Magazine Online, IMPOSSIBLE film is ALL Gen 2, DuoChrome Green is launched, IMPOSSIBLE Skunkworks hints at a Instant Back for RB67 and 600SE. We also review the Unit Portables SX-70 case, and we're going to give it … [Read more...]

Five Medium Format Cameras You Should Buy Instead Of The LC-A 120

Medium Format

Simon recently reviewed Lomography's new LC-A 120 and, much to our (read: my) surprise, the verdict was basically "it's not bad". It seems like, after the unholy hell of problems that was the Belair, Lomography have started to learn the error of their ways and moved towards slightly higher quality products. But the problem of the sticker shock remains: £339 is a lot of money … [Read more...]

Is Lomography Working on a new Leica Lens?


According to one source the answer is a very straightforward yes. According to the appropriately named Reddit user LeicaM6Guy, Lomography is currently in the testing phases of a new lens for M39/M-Mount cameras. While not too much information was provided he was able to provide some information. It is a reworked version of an older lens. Based on our experience with the … [Read more...]

Plastic Imagery Episode 8 – The New Lomo’Instant


We have a very special episode ready for everyone this week. We had a few questions about the Lomo'Instant camera, a new Kickstarter project unveiled recently by Lomography. So after many emails we were able to get ahold of Christian Polt who is the head of Lomography USA who is one of the people who have already had the opportunity to play with this camera. Christian has … [Read more...]