MS Optical Announces 2 Year Lens Roadmap

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For those that don't know of the little company known as MS Optical, you are in for a treat. This small lens manufacturer (when we say small we mean it: the entire staff consists of just one person) creates unique original lens designs for Leica's M mount. This is a company that take niche to a whole new level, with products like the bodycap-sized Perar 28m f/4 and services … [Read more...]

Soviet Rangefinder Lenses: The Truth

Leica IIIf - Roll 14

We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you a lens test. Simply put, I'm sick of talking about the differences between Soviet and Leica lenses and not having anything to back it up - so here's one of the many LTM shoot-outs I've done over the years to compare lenses. [UPDATE: I was somewhat lazy in the writing of this post. I should have cited evidence for my … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 4 – Soviet Rangefinders


It's episode four, and in this episode we have Senator Joseph McCarthy spinning in his grave by actually extolling the virtues of some of the products of the Soviet camera industry. Join us for a brief history lesson with regards to the inception of the Fed, Zorki and Kiev camera lines, yet more discussion on why rangefinders are THE BEST THING EVER, a rundown of the … [Read more...]