An editorial clarification: My personal stance on Lomography.

Invite two sceptics to a Lomography pop-up shop and this is what's going to happen.

It seems my last article ruffled some feathers. I can't say I'm that surprised - you can't sit down and call a much-loved company useless without taking a bit of heat as a result. What did surprise me is that some people didn't see the slightly tongue-in-cheek mockery of it all - and that they didn't appreciate that I have a past history of such things. One reader … [Read more...]

Lomography release a new Press Release

Instant Diana

These days, everyone knows (or at least should know) the way internet news works: a company sends out a press release to a whole bunch of websites. These websites then run articles on that press release - which vary from opinion pieces to thinly-veiled direct clones of the press release. Then the second wave of articles hit, which are generally just a rehashing of the first … [Read more...]