Five Medium Format Cameras You Should Buy Instead Of The LC-A 120

Medium Format

Simon recently reviewed Lomography's new LC-A 120 and, much to our (read: my) surprise, the verdict was basically "it's not bad". It seems like, after the unholy hell of problems that was the Belair, Lomography have started to learn the error of their ways and moved towards slightly higher quality products. But the problem of the sticker shock remains: £339 is a lot of money … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 33 – Waist Level Lovin’

Leica IIIf - Roll 14

We've talked briefly about them before, but by special request, we're dedicating this entire episode to TLRs. You can thank Patrick J Clarke for giving us the chance to wax lyrical about these amazing cameras for an hour! So join us as we discuss the benefits of the TLR, share a love of Yashica's TLR line, and explore some of the more esoteric offerings in this seemingly … [Read more...]

Plastic Imagery Episode 04 – Medium Format and You


This month, we thought we would jump in and discuss some of our favorite plastic medium format cameras; and share the ones that we love and the ones we are mildly curious about. This episode is a bit more factual than normally what is allowed on the Pdexposures network, and unfortunately Amanda could not join us this month; but Rob and Simon Trudged on. Forging a path … [Read more...]

Laika Laika Laika – Another Camera from Kevin Kadooka


Look at it, just take a moment to soak it all in. We know what you're probably thinking. Why is that quasi Leica X2 sitting next to that awesome DIY Polaroid TLR? This is the part where you go ahead and inhale to prevent yourself from gasping so hard you end up killing yourself. That is a 3D printed camera from master camera DIYer Kevin Kadooka. If you're thinking to … [Read more...]

Lux – an open source box camera from Kevin Kadooka


Remember Kevin Kadooka? That awesome fabricator who made his own DIY TLR Polaroid cameras and then had a successful Kickstarter project? Well he's back with an all new DIY camera that is causing us to re-think what you can do with DIY. Thanks to the aid of 3D printing and a small open source computer named Arduino Kevin was able to make a box camera with adjustable … [Read more...]