Why I Shoot Film – Nate Matos


I want to be up front, the answer to this question has evolved over time. That isn't to say it started as one answer and is now another entirely. More that I believe I have finally found a way to describe why I shoot film with the best of my abilities. I do know this, my reasoning isn't the same as most. Many people will argue the tonality is better, they prefer the choice … [Read more...]

Red Light District 01: Nate Matos


In our first entry to the Red Light District we take a look at the personal darkroom of Pdexposures founder Nate Matos. Coming from tiny spaces that weren't fit to print inkjet, Nate was pleased to put his new darkroom together; "I had always wanted a real darkroom, something serious and built into the house. It started about 5 years ago when a friend and I stumbled into an … [Read more...]