Pdexposures Podcast Episode 43 – Know Your Rights

In a world where law-abiding citizens are being stopped for engaging in a perfectly legal hobby, amateur photojournalists are being arrested and their equipment seized, and intellectual property is being stolen right, left and center, three people have come together to cobble together some sort of advice on how best to deal with the most common legal problems facing … [Read more...]

Review: The Poler Camera Cooler

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Obligatory "It's not a cooler" comment, we're getting that out of the way fast. One other thing to mention, I love bags. Backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags, and most importantly: camera bags. I can say with the clearest certainty that if I were of the opposite gender I would have closet upon closet of purses. Because I love bags I tend to have quite a few, to give a quick … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 39 – Film Ferrania update from Dave Bias


Pdexposures is back with a first for the podcast: this episode is an audio AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dave Bias of Film Ferrania, the Italian film manufacturer who is currently rising from the ashes and restarting production, and all the questions - good, bad and bizarre - come from our audience. During the next hour of your life you'll hear how the plan to restart Ferrania … [Read more...]