Pdexposures Podcast Episode 39 – Film Ferrania update from Dave Bias


Pdexposures is back with a first for the podcast: this episode is an audio AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dave Bias of Film Ferrania, the Italian film manufacturer who is currently rising from the ashes and restarting production, and all the questions - good, bad and bizarre - come from our audience. During the next hour of your life you'll hear how the plan to restart Ferrania … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 37 – A Photographic Library, PT 2

books (correct)

Exactly ten episodes ago, we did our first episode dedicated entirely to photobooks. Now, for episode 37, we bring you seven more titles that we think should be on your shelves, ranging from the well-known to the obscure. Will episode 47 be the glorious return to this subject? Only time will tell. Simon also wants to show you one that you shouldn't even go near because he … [Read more...]

Camera review: The Canon 7

Canon 7

As I'm sure anyone who listens to the Pdexposures Podcast will know, I am somewhat infatuated with my Leica IIIf. The reasons are many - compact size, high-magnification rangefinder, the way it fits into my hand - but whenever there is talk of rangefinders on Twitter, I appear to be in the minority. Most people go straight to the Leica M range, many opt for the Voigtlander … [Read more...]

Red Light District 05: Dave Kirby


We have made it to the fifth edition of the Red Light District. In much the same vein as our first featured Darkroom, Dave has turned an outdoor shed into a darkroom. He even sees some of the same issues Nate does - though whether he uses a bucket to move water around was unfortunately not addressed. What started off as a 8 x 6 shed was transformed into a fully functional … [Read more...]