The Instant Photo Show – Episode 10: PRYME Time


In Episode 10 we talk news, Kat is back, and we have a special guest, creator of PRYME magazine, Michael Behlen. In the news: Lomo Instant Wide talk, Impossible Magazine Online, IMPOSSIBLE film is ALL Gen 2, DuoChrome Green is launched, IMPOSSIBLE Skunkworks hints at a Instant Back for RB67 and 600SE. We also review the Unit Portables SX-70 case, and we're going to give it … [Read more...]

The Instant Photo Show Episode 2 – Roidweek & The Future of Instant Film

The Instant Photo Show - Episode 2

We’re BACK with Episode Two!  This time we discuss ‘Roidweek 2015, the New55 Coating Test and 4X5 Instant Film, IMPOSSIBLE Gen2 Color 600 feedback, and other news in the instant world.  Our main topic is why we still love instant film, and why we think it’s still a viable product in today’s market.  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke and Jessica Reinhardt as they both wonder what … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Intermission 08 – Impossible Goodness

img017-5 copy

It's Polaroid Week! In celebration of this wonderful time once a year we (minus Simon and Tony) went out into the world to bring our listeners some exclusive content! This is a shorter episode, think of it like a clip show only without the corny excuse to trap our characters in an elevator for 22 minutes. First up Nate met up with the guys from the Impossible Tour and the … [Read more...]