Review: The Poler Camera Cooler

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Obligatory "It's not a cooler" comment, we're getting that out of the way fast. One other thing to mention, I love bags. Backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags, and most importantly: camera bags. I can say with the clearest certainty that if I were of the opposite gender I would have closet upon closet of purses. Because I love bags I tend to have quite a few, to give a quick … [Read more...]

Death by Holga 11.22.63: New Photobook out now

Death by Holga

On this day fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy was tragically assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Local photographer, M.C. Roman, affectionally known as Mr. Holga decided to visit each of the people and places associated with that fateful day and photographed it on a Holga. "Roman first started with historic places and notable figures in Dallas and Fort Worth. In most … [Read more...]

The Marathon Camera


I said in a previous blog that I wasn't much a fan of Lomography cameras. I should rephrase that. I'm not much a fan of Lomography cameras... unless they do something really quite interesting. Now that isn't to say they aren't all interesting in one way or another. Lomography has done a fairly good job at putting out one camera with one specific purpose. So when a camera came … [Read more...]

SMC Pentax-A 50/1.4 vs the Crons


This was originally posted in August of 2013 on Dave Lam's blog and has been re-posted with permission. To see Dave's full online gallery and to read more of his blog articles check out Here’s an interesting comparison, strictly done out of boredom if anything just to play with my wives’ quaint NEX-3 and some adapters. Since my lovely Pentax LX decided to … [Read more...]

A Packfilm Virgin’s Perspective on the Polaroid 100

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Not so long ago, we did a podcast episode all about Instant film. In it I confessed that I had only ever shot Fuji's Instax Wide film, despite owning multiple 600-series Polaroid cameras; the Impossible Project's film didn't really interest me for various reasons. Well, not long after, a photographer called Dave Lam mentioned on Twitter that he'd found a Polaroid 100 at a … [Read more...]