The Top 5 “Alternative” Compact Cameras

Smena 8M and Olympus Trip

As some of you may have noticed, I was absent from the latest episode of the Pdexposures Podcast, and Dan Domme filled in - giving Nate a perfect partner with whom he could wax lyrical about automatic compacts without someone scowling at every possible opportunity. Now, I'm not a fan of automation in cameras. Yep, I'm one of those nerdy guys Dan's on about towards the end of … [Read more...]

Soviet Rangefinder Lenses, Redux


Some of you may remember that last year I wrote a post detailing how Soviet LTM/M39 lenses (i.e. lenses built for the Fed and Zorki rangefinders) do not work correctly on Leica cameras. Well, I was never particularly happy with that post. Why? Because it was reliant on film scans, and I don't trust them. Or, more to the point, I don't trust my scanner. It produces an image … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 14 – Soviet Rangefinders Pt. 2: Attack of the Leica clones!

Soviet goodness

Here at Pdexposures we are of the belief (well, one of us is, anyway) that the best kind of party is a Communist Party, so we're making a second vodka-soaked visit to the Cold War era to discuss the ins and outs of the rangefinders of the Soviet Union. While we've already covered the Kiev line and the history of the Soviet camera industry pretty thoroughly back in part 1, … [Read more...]

Soviet Rangefinder Lenses: The Truth

Leica IIIf - Roll 14

We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you a lens test. Simply put, I'm sick of talking about the differences between Soviet and Leica lenses and not having anything to back it up - so here's one of the many LTM shoot-outs I've done over the years to compare lenses. [UPDATE: I was somewhat lazy in the writing of this post. I should have cited evidence for my … [Read more...]