An editorial clarification: My personal stance on Lomography.

Invite two sceptics to a Lomography pop-up shop and this is what's going to happen.

It seems my last article ruffled some feathers. I can't say I'm that surprised - you can't sit down and call a much-loved company useless without taking a bit of heat as a result. What did surprise me is that some people didn't see the slightly tongue-in-cheek mockery of it all - and that they didn't appreciate that I have a past history of such things. One reader … [Read more...]

Plastic Imagery Episode 1 – A Low-Fi Welcome


Welcome to the newest show in the Pdexposures network, Plastic Imagery. Originally the brain child of Rob Peinert and Simon Ponder, this classic title has sat dormant for too long and has been resurrected to discuss all things toy photography with the addition of Aj Potter - an experienced toy photographer - to the mix. Have a Holga? This show is for you. Trying to … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 3 – Show Notes


Welcome to episode 3 of the Pdexposures podcast, where we open up to a new subject for the show - toy cameras. We start off by talking a bit about the Lomography BelAir, a medium format camera that is designed to be a complete system with interchangeable lenses, different frame masks, and auto exposure! … [Read more...]

Pdexposures Podcast Episode 3 – Toy Cameras


In episode three, we start off by talking about toy cameras - most importantly, the new Lo*******y Belair - and eventually find ourselves dealing with topics as diverse as digital photography, Instagram, Kodak Brownies, Simon's Boy Scout Three-way and Theodor Adorno. Yes, there really is something for everyone. The intro and outro was again supplied by Crocus; a track called … [Read more...]