The Instant Photo Show – Episode 10: PRYME Time


In Episode 10 we talk news, Kat is back, and we have a special guest, creator of PRYME magazine, Michael Behlen.
In the news: Lomo Instant Wide talk, Impossible Magazine Online, IMPOSSIBLE film is ALL Gen 2, DuoChrome Green is launched, IMPOSSIBLE Skunkworks hints at a Instant Back for RB67 and 600SE.

We also review the Unit Portables SX-70 case, and we’re going to give it away!

Join hosts patrick j. clarke, Jessica Reinhardt and Kat White as they bring you the latest in all that is instant.


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    My impression of Fuji’s Instax strategy is to make the cameras idiot-proof and mostly cheap and accessible. The different in “warmth” that you’re seeing is probably the difference in being able to turn off the flash on the non-Fuji cameras. With the flash on the camera it gives you a very constant color balance and a flat looking image without many shadows. The shallower depth of field helps too.

    I was really exited about the Lomo Instant Wide, but decided not to get one after I looked closely at the examples. There’s noticeable vignetting (not too bad), soft edges (also not too bad), and some chromatic aberration (kind of distracting). One example I saw had some pincushion distortion, which I’m not really a fan of either.

    I did decide to get a Mamiya RB67 and Universal Press recently so I’m trying to push my photography into to more pro-level cameras. It took a while to replace the foam light seals and clean them up but I’ll be doing some testing soon. I’ll be shooting all my pack films and 120 too.

    NPC apparently made a 600/SX-70 back for the RB67 and one recently sold on eBay but I didn’t win it… I’ve bought so much Mamiya gear recently I haven’t even had time to clean it all up and use it!

    Cheyenne Morrison wrote a great history of chocolate film on the Pryme Magazine blog. It was made from a color negative with black and white chemistry.

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