The Instant Photo Show – Episode 12: Impressions of the I-1


In Episode 12 we recap ‘Roidweek, Gen3 Film and hands on with the i-1 from Impossible!

Join hosts patrick j. clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Harrison, and Kat White as they bring you the latest in all that is instant.


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    Thanks guys, one of the best podcasts. As you know I had private tour of the Impossible factory in Enschede when I went to Paris last year. At the time I was told some elements of how the camera was being designed but was sworn to secrecy of course.

    For me the style of the camera hearks back to the 1970s Bauhaus style of Agfa cameras such as the Agfa Optima 1535, and similar designs like the famed Braun travel clock. No sharp corners, matte black and use of simple white Helvetica typeface The design was by Teenage Engineering, founder Jesper Kouthood who also came up with the cool packaging @teenageengineering

    Picture of Oskar Smolokowski and Jesper Kouthood, Wallpaper Magazine article

    Smolokowski adopted the viewfinder idea from and old Zeiss Ikon camera he saw in a street market. To me the camera aches to be shot like a TLR, so I hope IP releases that kind of viewfinder.

    Wallpaper Magazine Article, June 2016 issue (W*207)

    I really love the auxiliary Tele Finder available for the SX-70s which I know Harrison loves. I wonder if it’s possible to have an auxiliary Tele or Wide lens to add to the i-1? If from what I understand from the podcast the 1-1 can change from 35mm – 50mm it still really needs an 85-100mm for portraits.

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