The Instant Photo Show – Episode 4: Packfilm and Drop Bears!


In Episode 4 we catch up with Kat and learn more about Australia and its interesting flora and fauna, discuss IMPOSSIBLE Pioneers, New55’s short run, and the big discussion of Type 100 Packfilm!  Also, it’s not too late to put in your entry for our very first giveaway, listen and find out more!  Join hosts Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Kat White and Harrison as they discuss the latest in instant photography!



  1. patrick j. clarke says

    Awesome! I tweeted about it, but don’t know your twitter handle, but hashtagged your name. Thanks for the link!

  2. Brian says

    I wish you would include a short transcript and links for all the websites you reference in the show! Cameras, film, flash modifiers, photographers, shopping stores, etc…

    Supposedly a better or the best way to bleach your FP-100C negatives?

    Also would be great to see that 4×5 instant template for the ground glass!

    Good note to beware of expired black and white polaroid film vs color film.

    Glad there is still some FP-3000B out there on the market, though it is drying up off the shelves. Fuji announced the discontinuation at the end of 2013.

    Saw some FP-100C SILK for sale here:
    And quite a few on ebay of course, all from overseas – mostly Israel (was never sold in the US)

  3. says

    I just sent off a long email but I’ll copy the part regarding episode 4 here:

    The suggestion I have for Harrison’s pristine Automatic 100 is to
    adapt it for AAA batteries. You can unscrew the battery holder and
    save the screw and holder if you ever want to put them back. Then you
    can use a cylindrical shaped 3xAAA battery holder with 9V style snaps.
    The cylindrical holder is the same kind of holder that fits into a
    cheap LED flashlight. Otherwise the 4.5V battery is about $10-13

    One strange thing about FP-100C Silk is that it’s still sold in Japan
    and outside the US and it’s actually cheaper than FP-100C (¥2,420 as
    opposed to ¥2,650 per pack).

    I’ve only been shooting pack film for 2-3 years but I’m pretty sure
    that ID-UV is the same as Polaroid 669 except for the UV printing. The
    yellow dye disappears first, leaving you with cyan and magenta. Then
    the magenta disappears, leaving you with just cyan. You can compare
    the two types with the tags on my Flickr photos:

  4. says

    The camera repair person mentioned by Kat White at 23 mins in is Jake Messenger. For anybody interested in buying custom Land Cameras, or getting Polaroid repairs he is my go to guy.

    He also does wicked custom Crown Graphic, Speed Graphic and Graflex cameras fitted with custom lenses, I plan to get a customised one from him to shoot New (and old) Type 55. Here are his contact details….
    theinstantcameraguy (at) hotmail (dot) com

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